Videos For Your Company's Homepage.



When a new visitor sees a company's website for the first time, research shows that that company has approximately one minute to capture that visitor's attention before they move on to another website. Luckily, research also shows that if that viewer sees a video on that same website, there is a 96% chance that they'll watch it. Therefore, we believe EVERY company should have a video on their website's homepage, and this is our expertise.

First, we meet with you to discover what your company is all about, and what message you'd like to communicate to your potential customers. Our team of producers then take this information, and craft it in to a unique short story, personalized for your company.

Next, our production team comes in and turns this written story in to dynamic visual content. This content can then be used on your company's homepage as well as any other use you may have: social media, blog, trade shows, you name it!

Ryan Prouty Video Productions is a turn-key boutique agency, producing content end-to-end.

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